Jack Whitby Piano is located at 8326 Scyene Road, Dallas TX 75227:

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Recently Jack Whitby Piano company has added a Houston representative. Currently we have pianos for sale in Houston and will be adding more inventory in the future. Our Houston representative, Nadia Hayes, has been a piano teacher for over 20 years in the Clear Lake/ Bay Area. We involved Nadia in our company after selling pianos to her students for the past 16 years. We believe Houston will be a great market for us. In order to keep our prices low we will continue our tradition of selling pianos through music educators in Houston as we have in Dallas for over 25 years.

If you teach piano in the Houston area and would like Nadia to know about your piano business so that she may give your name and phone number to potential piano students in your area or if you’d like to be included on her web site call or email her. She’s happy to assist teachers and students alike.

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Telephone: (832) 284-4113

Email: nadiahayes@aol.com

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