Piano Store Dallas

Welcome to Jack Whitby Piano! We’re proud to be one of the premier piano companies in the country. We have sold over two thousand Yamaha and Kawai pianos nation-wide over the last 18 years.
At Piano Store Dallas, you can choose from a wide selection of Pianos from Concert Grands to Uprights. Jack Whitby Piano specializes in pre-owned Yamaha and Kawai pianos, and carries a large inventory of Grands, and uprights. Also other brands such as Steinway, Baldwin, Young Chang, and Samick when available. Why pay retail when you can get the precision and quality of Yamaha and Kawai at an affordable price? If you’re looking for a quality piano at a Great price, we have the right one for you!

The Whitby family name has been associated with quality pianos for three generations. We are respected in the retail and wholesale sectors as well as the manufacturer of our own piano line. Jack Whitby Piano has been selling quality Pre-owned pianos from our convenient location on the east side of Dallas since 1982. Our highly experienced sales associates are also skilled tuners and technicians.

Jack Whitby Piano has developed a reputation for providing quality, affordability and service to clients throughout the country. Many renowned music and recording Artists have purchased pianos from Jack Whitby Piano. Only the highest quality pianos are selected and accepted at Jack Whitby Piano. We maintain a large inventory of pianos that will meet the need of any home, church, business, school or Music studio.


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